Multiple phone numbers on one phone?



Way back in Sept 2014 BlackBerry completed its acquisition of Movirtu, a company that provided multiple phone numbers on a single device via a virtual SIM. What an ideal way to ‘Balance’ work / life with one phone instead of two. In addition, it allows for consumers to take advantage of more than one phone number.

Why bring this up now? As usual the rumor mill has started concerning the changes to be included in BB10.3.3 and BB10.3.4. While all I can offer is conjecture and speculation, others will offer very confident sounding statements based on who knows, hubris, conjecture, and speculation. I’ve even heard talk of biometrics!!

Hopefully we’ll get some clarity on June 23rd during the next Quarterly Earnings Report (QER) – a mere 3 weeks from now. If this is anything like the last few then strap in- we’re in a for a wild ride!!


Why not sound off in the Forums – what would you like to hear announced at the upcoming QER?








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