The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Returns….Soon

Mrs. Maisel is coming back to prove she’s not a one-season wonder.

Amazon Prime has been delivering quality original programming for several years now. One of the clear front runners is last year’s debut hit, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. This mid-century period comedy centers around a stay-at-home wife and mother that, partly due to the culture of the times, does not have an identity outside of being someone’s Mrs.

She refuses to let her husband dull her sparkle, and steps out on her own. Rather outrageously, and somewhat inadvertently, Mrs. Maisel begins a career as a stand-up comic. She offers a breath of fresh air to they stymied culture surrounding her. Now, season 2 looms in the future, and the trailer promises much of the same energetic, fun, and bold comedy fans should expect.

Watch the trailer below.

If you were hoping for a premiere date, have patience. They haven’t released that information yet. I think it’s about time to re-watch season 1. Who’s with me?

Erica Davis

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