Mozilla Wants you to Check if your Email Account has been Hacked

A new service will update you whenever your e-mail box appears in the list of compromised sites and services.

Mozilla, which runs Firefox, today announced a new service called Firefox Monitor, designed to show you whether your mail account was in one of the breaches in recent years.

The service allows you to sign up to receive real-time alerts if Firefox finds your account in email lists of hacked sites, so you will always be updated and you can change passwords or other actions to protect your account.

The service is pretty similar to what the “Have I Been Been Pwned” site (we reported) and Firefox actually uses the information from the site. You can sign in to Firefox Monitor to see if your account has been hacked.

In addition to “Have I Been Pwned”, you can check if your password has appeared in one of the following services.

The quality of e-mail monitoring will probably be checked only in real time when a hacking occurs in which your e-mail account appears, it is not clear whether it is intended for hacking or only for large-scale hacking. In any case, it is always good to keep an eye on the pulse of your passwords and accounts.

Roy Shpitalnik

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