Motion Stills Get’s a Fun AR Update

This update takes this app from loser to winner.

Last year Google unveiled an experimental app called Motion Stills on Android. Oddly enough, the Google made app was presented first on iOS, and took some time to come to Android. Once on Android, it left this blogger a little underwhelmed.

The app essentially brought iOS’s Live Photos to Android. Allowing you to take three second videos which could be looped and shared in GIF or video format. It wasn’t really something I found much use for, and into the unused app drawer it went. Now, Google has decided to bring some fun to the app.

This fun is in the form of augmented reality (AR) additions. Google has been working on it’s ARCore technology, which allows such things as placing Storm Troopers in your videos. I’m sure you’ve seen the advertisements. As great as this looks, and as much as I want to play with this functionality, it currently only available on a couple of phones.

Google has decided to up the ante and try to bring a similar technology to more phones. Motion Stills is apparently one of their testing beds.

In the latest update, we can add AR creatures to our Motion Stills. The choices include a little dinosaur, a ginger bread man (or perhaps a woman), an alien, a robot, a chicken, and a spinning globe. The creature you choose can be scaled to size, set where you want, and then as you move your phone, the animated character will move as the surroundings do.

This app is still experimental, and is far from stable, but it’s also incredibly fun. You can download Motion Stills from the Google Play Store here.

Motion Stills

Source: Google


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