More Wearables? Could This Spell Trouble for Apple and Google?

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Do you use a wearable? If not, is it because they are a tad too expensive?

It looks like the mobile operating system FirefoxOS could be coming to wearable devices in the near future, according to Joe Cheng, manager of product and project management of the mobile devices group at Mozilla, in an interview with Computer World, the creators of FirefoxOS want to bring it to a wider range of devices.

Firefox OS is already making inroads on low cost smartphones, and at CES 2015 it was announced that Panasonic will use FirefoxOS for its upcoming Smart TV’s. Now FirefoxOS looks poised to take on Android Wear and the Apple Watch when it comes to wearable technology such as smartwatches. To compete, it looks like Mozilla has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Most wearable tech needs to be paired with a smartphone for full functionality. At the moment Android Wear devices can only communicate with Android phones, and the Apple Watch will only be compatible with iPhones. There are a few exceptions but this is generally the way it is.

This isn’t a great situation if you own an iPhone and fancy an Android Wear device or vice versa. (not that I can ever see anyone but Apple Sheeple wanting an iWatch, can you?)

Mozilla wants to eliminate this problem by making FirefoxOS devices compatible with any brand of smartphone, regardless of the operating system. (I wonder if they will make it open to BlackBerry and Windows phones? After all, they say REGARDLESS of Operating System)  According to Joe Cheng, “we want to break that single-brand barrier”. Mozilla hasn’t announced when we’d be likely to see FirefoxOS-powered wearables, or what form these devices will take. Considering FirefoxOS’s success with low-cost smartphones, could we see more affordable wearble devices appearing running FirefoxOS?

So what do you think? Could the second biggest (63% of computers) and most secure desktop browser (Technically speaking Chrome is but as Google track EVERYTHING I’d say they are not as secure, would you?) hurt the other two?

While were on the subject of browsers, I found this and thought I’d share it with you…

If users are looking for the best combination of privacy and security, then Firefox is the best option. It is also very easy to use. However, if users do not care that Google collects data and knows more about them than it should, and especially if they are used to the Google interface, then they should stick to Chrome. It seems that Internet Explorer is the one that is least secure browsers , so users should try to use it rarely. Users should know that the security is based on their behavior, so if they have safe habits, their browser will be protected.

This is exactly why I have used Firefox for so many years; like I said, its the second biggest browser out there for PC’s with 63%, Google Chrome came in third with a respectable 60% but the outright winner (which I’m pleased to say is not on any of my PC’s at home) is IE with a staggering 99%… (I have left out Microsoft’s new ‘Edge’ because obviously not everyone will have upgraded to Windows 10 yet so I won’t pick on it… yet)

But is it staggering?

These are statistics for what browsers are installed on PC’s, now every time I have ever bought a PC or new OS it has always been pre-installed with IE and I can guarantee yours have been the same BUT do you un-install IE or just leave it on there? I’d say 99% of you leave it on there, don’t you? And if you do use it, do you use it safely?

Like the quote says “It seems that the Internet Explorer is the one that is least secure browsers, so users should try to use it rarely. Users should know that the security is based on their behavior, so if they have safe habits, their browser will be protected.


I know what you are thinking, the Reverend has started with wearables, which maybe loosely connected to BlackBerry, and now he’s droning on about browsers! …And you’d be right.

But the way I see it, If I were to connect anything to my BlackBerry from a third party would it be…

1 – An Apple product… Not bloody likely!

2 – An Android product – or a Google data transfer product… Unlikely.

3 – A FirefoxOS product… at the moment it would be the only one I trust and to be honest… I wouldn’t bet my life on it, sorry Mr Cheng.

Of course these are just my views and I’m sure there will be some of you out there that would disagree, including some of you at the United Temple of BlackBerry but I would like to hear what you think on the subject too.

Let Me know these things!

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So, Until you let me know your thoughts…

What browser do you use, and why?





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