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mockupI do love to see positive BlackBerry news. It’s something that those of us who venture outside of UTB rarely get to see. And when we do see it, we tend to know those who are spreading the news. Typically, technology “experts”, like to bash my brand of choice. And, let’s be honest here, in this digital age, these “experts” are nothing more that people that take the time to sit behind a keyboard and tell other’s their thoughts. Oops. I just let out the secret! I’m going to lose my membership card! Oh no, I forgot, I’ve never called myself an expert, I’m simply a fan.

Meanwhile, over at eWeek, one of their “experts”,  Wayne Rash, decided to write about the BlackBerry Z30. And it’s very nice of eWeek to give us a short bio of their writers:

Wayne has been a freelance writer and editor with a 35 year history covering technology. He’s a frequent contributor to eWEEK and Techweb. Rash is a frequent guest on a variety of network news and talk shows, and has appeared recently on NPR, Fox Business News and NBC as a technology expert. He is the author of five books, including his most recent, “Politics on the Nets,” which was featured on National Public Radio in October.

How unusual! Mr. Rash has been doing this for 35 years? NPR Fox and NBC? I think he deserves the quotes to be taken off the word expert. I’ll save those quotes up for the next time Geller speaks. So, let’s see what an expert has to say about a BlackBerry Z30.

                    BlackBerry isn’t selling the GSM version of its Z30 through a carrier in the U.S. Instead, you can buy it from the company itself or through It’s the biggest BlackBerry smartphone yet, and it does some things that might change the way you look at the company’s devices. How big is it? It has a 5-inch AMOLED screen—which can display high-definition images. It’s also heavier than some of its competition, and the battery can last for days. It has impressive dynamic range and excellent sound (for a phone). But perhaps more important, this BlackBerry has the ability to run Android software in addition to apps designed specifically for the company’s BlackBerry 10 operating system. While not every Android app will work and you can’t use the Google Play store, most of the apps I tried worked fine. The larger screen means a larger and easier-to-use keyboard that includes BlackBerry’s excellent predictive typing. The Z30 retains BlackBerry’s secure networking and messaging capabilities. It also supports BlackBerry Enterprise Services just fine. This may be the best BlackBerry yet.

Well would you look at that! Mr. Rash seems to have actually tried the Z30. This must be what makes him an expert! He follows this up with 10 slides highlighting a few features of the Z30 while showing pictures of a Z30 running  1 Mobile and the Amazon App store.

Damn it feels good to see a reviewer that actually USED the BlackBerry they’re reviewing. And I must say, I’m not the least bit surprised that once used, it gets a good review.

Please head over to eWeek to read the article, and give the site a few clicks as a thank you for giving a fair and just review of the Z30.

Thanks to Ibelieveandlove for directing me to this article


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  • nnik

    great news, hopefully some of the people that do the ordering for retailers begin to realize what is going on

  • Omnitech

    Actually, eWeek has been consistently positive on BlackBerry. They have one or two writers there who are definitely fans.

    Need more of these…

  • PING

    Is UTB looking for contributors? I have some ideas on some positive press I would like to share.. UTB seems like a good venue! Anyone know who a person should contact?