More join the battle!

Imagine my surprise when I saw not only reporting yesterday’s news, but also using our hashtag… well, sort of. Good ‘ol CBKevin (I know he doesn’t use that moniker anymore, but I will always remember him that way) has called the troops to battle! We definitely need more bodies in the fight to get T-Mobile and their magenta wearing CEO to support BlackBerry, so thanks CBK (I know, I know) for calling all hands on deck.

One thing though, the hashtag is #ichooseBlackBerry10. I know because I was part of the group that created it sometime ago, a group that is still around and growing.


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  • LillyFoxBlogs

    Fantastic Brad! We may need to remind Mr IKEV. Who led this battle as well as who created the Team that is #ichooseblackberry10