More Issues With Google’s “Flagship”

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

Oh dear…it looks like the $650-$699 Android juggernaut, or Nexus 6, is once again running into hot water.

As some Android sites, like Android Authority and Android Headlines will tell you, some users are having an issue with keeping their back plate on.

But wait UTBblogs, isn’t it a removable back plate? No, you silly Android user…it is not. The Nexus 6 is a sealed unit just like its moto x cousin.

According to these websites and Reddit, where this all started, the back plate of the Nexus 6 keeps popping off and when the user tries to snap it back in place, it doesn’t stay down. It could be nothing, like bad glue, or it could be something, like an expanding battery that could explode in you hands or pocket. If its the first point, well shame on Google for charging so much and getting that in return, If its the second point, well some people could get hurt.

And that right there is a problem…”some people”. Android, and the android community at large, is huge…like billions huge, and because of that they are seen as wildebeest. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. The image of millions of wildebeest migrating across Africa and coming to a river, in which that river is infested with crocodiles. Android users will always get the short end of the stick from Google, but only some. Just like some of the wildebeest get dragged down to a watery death by a crocodile or an gliche, issue or defect.

If you’re lucky, or unlucky, enough to actually buy a Nexus 6 you might also run into a hail storm of other problems, like:

Flickering, dead pixels, images burned into screen.
Death by AT&T.
Cloud Print Crash.
Lag and stutter, which is nothing new from Android.
Poor battery life out of its 3,220 mAh battery.
Random Reboots.
Very dark front facing camera.
Earpiece is too low, even on maximum.

If you actually go into each link, the fixes and solutions are ridiculous. Might as well turn half your phone off and delete hangouts, which is your messaging app on stock Android. Its laughable at best, sad at the very least.

Do what you want, buy a iPhone that bends or an Android that comes apart by looking at it. For me, the very best phone is BlackBerry. Our besties at N4BB will tell you, it takes a whole lot to destroy a Passport.

Source: Android Headlines
Source: Reddit