More Evidence of the Turning Tide

Times they are a changing. BlackBerry is coming back. It’s fairly obvious now. Those of us that have stuck it out with the brand we love, we can see the changes happening, and are getting our “I told you so” muscles ready. And those that had bet against BlackBerry, had trolled BlackBerry and it’s users, they’re trying to figure out how to come back. I can just imagine a certain ex-EIC trying to figure out how to hide that shiny gold iPhone of his.

You want more evidence of the turning tide, all we need to do is look at one of our most outspoken trolls. One that seems to take the greatest pleasure in trolling BlackBerry and it’s users, suddenly publishing articles that aren’t attacking BlackBerry. Like a puppy in the pet shop hoping you’ll take him home, this troll site is quite obviously changing their stance in the hopes that new BlackBerry users don’t become former subscribers.


Who am I talking about? None other than the site of that utterly pleasant, ever-adolescent Boy Genius. Over at, they posted earlier today “Here’s why many people want their BlackBerrys back after switching to iOS and Android” Don’t worry about rushing out to read it. Biggly already wrote about the topic two days ago in “Mobile Workers Clamour: I Want My BlackBerry Back“, and I’ve got to say, I prefer Biggly’s writing style.

The shocking thing here is this article was published by the site that is owned by this guy.

Yes, BlackBerry is coming back, and there will be a lot of those that attacked the brand we loved, and the users themselves. But don’t worry UTB readers, we won’t forget, and we won’t let them forget either.


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  • FallingTitan

    Lest we Forget!

  • nnik

    Forget who? I don’t remember, something to do with apps or some such nonsense

  • ptpete


  • newcollector

    The problem for some is that they are fans of BlackBerry, and not followers. You see, fans are fickle, one minute they cheer, the next they boo. Fans are “all in when things are good, but turn on you when things don’t turn out so well. Followers stick close to you whether it’s a good daybreak or a bad. Followers care about BlackBerry and support them and encourage them even in difficult times. Fans don’t. When BlackBerry’s turnaround is complete, the followers will be vindicated, and the fans will try to hop on the success bus.

  • newcollector

    UTB is a site for followers of BlackBerry, not a site for fickle fans.

  • shanerredflag

    Should do a public flogging of richardat…just to teach the others. locco_smiley_32 locco_smiley_30 locco_smiley_8

    • ital1

      Just richardat?; I can add a few more to that list for you, lol.

  • Poita316

    Louis CK said it best in a show. “Go suck a bag of d*cks” Well Geller, start sucking.
    Man I “dislike” him. Just to keep it friendly. Actually, I hate the dude, his site and his posse of Biased BlackBerry Bashing B*tches. Sorry Brad, sometimes one has to let it all go.. #EndRant

    • Berry_Goooood

      Well put!! The same can be said for that moron Brad Reed and his daily BBRY troll fodder.

  • The tide has certainly turned and it’s just taking time for Chen to begin marketing handsets in developed markets and shortly thereafter, guys like “boy” will be singing BBRY’s praises cause he’s a follower, not a leader. A lot of those guys don’t have the spine to be contrarian and support a brand that’s not in favor.

  • Poita316

    Still ove the whole “Its not cool” comment.
    I guess alot of people want a non cool device… Or maybe Geller is juist not cool and nobody wants him?