More CarPlay info…

Well… It’s even less “magical” than I thought…


Originally I had predicted/guessed that iOS in the car, or “CarPlay”  as they’ve dubbed it now, would use a technology called “Mirrorlink”. It seemed natural or plausible that a wireless technology would be used (like Apple AirPlay). Mirrorlink is a wireless technology created to have a two way communication with another Mirrorlink device. It started development in Nokia labs and uses VNC as a communications layer. It is destined for in-car use primarily.


But… Apple isn’t using Mirrorlink to wirelessly get the iPhone apps to display on the dash of the car. No… of course not. It all becomes more clear once you realize that Apple doesn’t communicate with anything other than Apple devices. They hate being open standards based (bluetooth and wifi excepted).

So, after some more digging I found this fact this morning. You have to plug your iPhone into the car. Yes… plug it in… with a “lightning” cable. Here’s the article from TechPavilion  and here’s the juicy bit…

“And, to be clear, this experience is completely driven by the phone, more specifically an iPhone 5, 5s, or 5c. The cars themselves won’t be running iOS, just feeding the signal provided by the phones, which will be connected to the car via Lightning cable.”

So… really there is no iOS in the car at all, until you get in the car that is. It’s like a monitor extension for your PC with a touch panel. That’s it.

Oh well… maybe the cable will charge that nasty weak battery in the iPhone.


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