More BlackBerry Passport Love Bringing People Back To Black (or White!)


The emergence of the Passport in white is further feeding the buzz around the internet about the awesome BlackBerry Passport.

This time it’s the turn of Dusan Belic of Into Mobile to go all squiffy at the thought of one and why not? The more we learn the more droolicious it becomes…

White BlackBerry Passport looks rather awesome, and yes – I want one!

The upcoming BlackBerry Passport has been both the darling of the media and the next thing to hate in blogs around the Interwebs. While BlackBerry fans love it, iFanatics think no one will want to buy such phone.

I’m not in any of these two groups but I love the Passport. I would still have to test out that keyboard before spending a single dime, but from what I’ve read – this is the phone that will increase my on-the-go productivity. I get both the big screen and physical QWERTY keyboard beneath, allowing me to type much, much faster. There’s just one thing that bothers me – the Passport looks rather massive and I hope it’s still pocketable enough so that I can carry it with me all day long.

Anyhow, aside from the black version we’ve seen before, the Passport will also be available in white. And it’s not just any white; according to BB Passport designers Brian Paschke and Joseph Hofer, this particular white has been “further tuned for each individual part and material in order to create overall color harmony.” It’s made to match the phone’s stainless steel frame, rocking a porcelain-like coating which is “smooth to the touch” while providing grip.

Sure, that’s just designers praising their work, but I take there’s some truth in there. The image promises one sexy device. And yes – this could easily be my next phone!

What’s fascinating here is that even as recently as just a couple of months ago the comments sections on any BlackBerry related article would be filled with the usual crap ‘what do they still exist?’, ‘why do they bother?’, ‘too little, too late’ (hur, hur, hur). Yes, you still get those people but they are being drowned out – here’s a couple of examples from this very article:

To tell you the truth I would dump my Android for this phone. That keyboard looks amazing!

Will bring me back to BlackBerry. Just hope both AT&T and Verizon will carry both models. Can’t wait!

And we’re seeing this more and more and in the most unexpected places such as BGR and Android Central.

It would seem that this device has really caught the imagination as something DIFFERENT, something truly unique and I can only see this accelerating when it gets in peoples hands, one of the problems with the Z series phones is that they are utterly fantastic but it’s only when someone asks you that it becomes obvious you are using a BlackBerry – this one won’t be mistaken and will advertise itself wonderfully!

We don’t know exactly how much it will be retailed for (but all we’ll say is don’t necessarily believe some people who claim they do) but this thing looks like it’s going to be a BIG winner.

Anyway, there’s a picture of the white one up there which, I have to say is probably the nicest white phone I’ve seen (I’m very much a BLACKBerry man, myself) but here’s a pic of the black one for you to look again:


So, the decision is obviously made that you are getting one, the only question now is:

White or Black?


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  • veeru789

    Over the years I’ve never owned a white BlackBerry. This phone will be the first.

  • nnik

    a little bird told me white was for girls this morning, that being said I have a white Z30 and he’s likely one of the main characters in one of Aesops Fables with black Z3s being the lower hanging fruit

    • Brad


  • Azensun

    As usual, I’d have to see them both in person before I made the decision, but in general, I too am a BLACKBerry fan. Even my cases and accessories are black.

  • newcollector

    I think Black has to be the one for me. I have never owned a white phone, but this black Passport looks so, so, so very professional. Think about a Funeral Director in a black limousine wearing a black suit. He pulls out this big black square BlackBerry. It just oozes productivity and it definitely speak a lot about high class. ;)

    • Bigglybobblyboo

      Aha! The Apple Android Undertaker! I like it!

  • I would probably go for black. But I may not be able to get one as fast as everyone else cause I just got the Z30 I’ve been coveting for a long time. I’m really looking forward to getting one in-hand and checking it out. Verizon better carry it!!!

  • FallingTitan

    I’m gonna get black. But hope for RED!

    • newcollector

      Looks like you will have to send it to for a custom one! Sweet!