More BlackBerry Classic Pics Emerge Online

Classic and 9900

As we all know, the Bold 9900 was such a great workhorse it became an almost iconic BBOS BlackBerry and held the love and affection of many a BlackBerrian.

So many, in fact, that there are still loads of them out there today.

Interesting then to see these pics emerging from showing a comparison of the Classic to the Bold and also this one:

q10 classic

Showing the extra height of the Classic in comparison to the Q10 also.

I’ve been seeing a lot of chatter recently start up about the Classic and it would seem justifiably so. The Passport is going to be amazing, will this also bring over those last legacy customers?

I have to say it looks amazing, now you are seeing more, which one to choose??!!

Oh, God, at this rate I want them all!

Thanks to G-Bone for the heads up!


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  • bbjoe2011

    They’re like pokemon.

    • Lol, Joe! I had forgotten about those! Gotta get them all….

  • BB Racer !!

    The Classic should of been the January 2013 launch not the the Z10.
    But tease the market with a Z10 and Z30 .

  • Blackjack

    If people loved the 9900, and they did, they will LOVEEEE the Classic. What a beast in comparison. Bb10, z30 width display….awesomeeeeeee.

    Now for the updated Torch which also had a huge following

  • G-bone

    I do want them all!
    I really feel the form factor of the Classic should have been what they launched with, even though I wanted all touch.
    However, I think things have worked out as they should : you know what they say – there’s no such thing as bad publicity. I have come to see that there IS such a thing as STUPID publicity.
    Next to the 9900, the Classic looks like everything I would have asked for at the time (drool)


  • Trev

    Life would be so much easier as an iApple junkie. Your choices consist of either of two devices; sometimes they’re the old model wrapped in plastic vs. something slightly different or Size A vs. Size B. And ultimately they’ll run like rubbish before the next iteration of the iErmagherdPhern is about to release.

    And here I am with a Z30 in hand, a Z10 beside my bed both running fantastically, and I’m thinking what my next will be: The classic, um, “Classic”, the ultra-innovative PassPort, or maybe even wait awhile for the high-spec’d rumored Z50. Actual decisions!
    (I’m leaning towards the Classic!)

  • Nice Biggs! More love for the Classic. And why not, it looks like it’s going to be a great productivity-oriented device. My biggest problem is I won’t have the cash for either the Classic or the Passport until early next year. I really can’t wait to see both of these devices live and in person.

    Damn if BBRY doesn’t give us some awesome choices and darn them for making the decision so difficult!

  • razrrob

    It gave me great pain to ship my 9900 to my mother-in-law after I had picked up the Z10. I thought the transition would take months to go from PKB to VKB but lo and behold it was only a matter of days before I came to the realization the Z10 was awesome. I’d like to go with the Z50 assuming it comes out but if not then back to a PKB with the Classic. But then that’s the difference between BBRY and all the other, Choices