Modagrafics will sell BlackBerry Radar in North America

A New Deal for BlackBerry Radar

Great news come in pairs. Following the Titanium deal, BlackBerry Radar announces another new deal.

This time it’s Modagrafics who will be BlackBerry Radar’s sales agent in North America. With this deal, Modagrafics will have the ability to equip their fleet clients with BlackBerry Radar. Modagrafics is a nationwide strategic fleet management and production company working with companies like BP, McDonald’s, and Cat.

BlackBerry Radar is a tracking system that helps monitor door opening, loading and unloading of the truck, and sends reports to the management team to increase productivity.

Modagrafics CEO and President said,

“By combining Modagrafics’ marketing and branding products with the Blackberry Radar solution, our customers will not only be able to improve traditional fleet efficiency, but they will have the ability to more effectively manage their brand presence, optimize their out-of-home marketing budget, and increase customer impressions. We think this is a huge step forward for the out-of-home advertising market,” said Pirkle.

“Our focus with Blackberry Radar is to improve the bottom line for fleet owners,” said Derek Kuhn, Senior Vice President of IoT, Blackberry. “Blackberry Radar provides unparalleled data and analytics tools for fleet managers to locate, optimize, and maintain their trailer fleet. Working with Modagrafics, Radar can disrupt and improve the out-of-home advertising market. We are incredibly excited to offer an entirely new dimension of value to our customers.”

It’s great to see BlackBerry IoT start to make some noise, and we hope to see good revenue from this.


Roy Shpitalnik

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