Mobile Madness 2014 Update – Z30 Winning But VOTE!

Vote, Vote, Vote!!!
Vote, Vote, Vote!!!

The poll results so far have now appeared on Mobile Madness and, much to the utter disgruntlement of the Android peeps over there the Z30 is winning 59% to 41% over the LG Nexus 5.

The poll doesn’t close until tomorrow so let’s push our Z30 on to victory in the face of what is expected to be a determined onrush from the Androidian hordes.

WE know it’s a contest between the best phone on the market today running the best OS in BB10 vs a very good phone running yesterdays OS in Android. But the message needs to be rammed home loud and clear.

The people on this site are, by and large, very reasonable ones and many in the comments are already saying that this has piqued their interest, confounding the popular myths propagated by others.

So, come on!

Click below and cast your vote and let’s see this baby home!

Vote Z30 On Mobile Madness


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