Mobile Flash Is Gone. Now What?


In 2011 Adobe ceased work on the mobile version of Flash. The company finally conceded that HTML5 had taken over in web development and moved to support that standard.


Flash is certainly not dead entirely, as taken from an article by REELSEO entitled “Why Adobe Really Dropped Their Flash Support“, Christopher Rick found this on Adobe’s site.

With the growth of competition in the browser market, browser vendors are increasingly innovating and providing functionality that makes it possible to deploy rich motion graphics directly via browser technologies, a role once served primarily by Flash Player. Increasingly, rich motion graphics will be deployed directly via the browser using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and other modern web technologies. While the primary role of Flash Player as an engine for innovation on the web remains the same, what it is used for will change.

Adobe believes that the Flash runtimes are particularly and uniquely suited for two primary use cases: creating and deploying rich, expressive games with console-quality graphics and deploying premium video.

Thing is, us BB10 users got used to the Flash enablement in our built-in browser, even flaunting it in the face of others. Those intrepid readers who have experimented with BlackBerry 10.3 OS have discovered Flash is gone, and it’s not coming back. So now what?

Well, HTML5 is what’s next. I’ll use the example of my previously favourite internet speed test site as an example,

Well, that just doesn’t work anymore, does it? So I went hunting and I found some great replacements. Now I know I could download an app either from BlackBerry World, or Amazon, or Snap, but that’s not the point. The point is/was to find out how HTML5 is coming along.
Let’s go…

First up is the desktop version in our native browser.


And here we have the same site in mobile mode.


Here is another site called Bandwidth Place with a fairly nice skin on the tester.


Here’s another called HTML5 Speed Test which in my tests proved to be inaccurate indeed. Try it out, maybe it’s just me.


Yet another entry is called which seems not only accurate but gives a little more info regarding averages and comparisons.


Rounding out my findings is Open Speed Test. This one seems quite accurate as well with pleasing albeit simple graphics.


So far, my favourite is probably I’d be interested which one works best for you.

In any case, our favourite web browser can handle utilities like this with ease. Best in class again!

Thanks BlackBerry, and thanks for acquiring Torch Mobile!



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