Miss Informed – Gartner votes Samsung as ‘most secure’


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Gentle Readers-

So sorry it’s been awhile but Miss Informed had a hip replaced and rehabilitation took precedence over scribing my thoughts.

A few weeks back Gartner bestowed Samsung’s Knox with “the most “Strong” ratings of any mobile security platform”. Competing against Samsung were Apple, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry. Being a curious sort I tried to review the report to see whether the tests were well designed, rigorous and if there was any bias. Well let me tell you- unless Miss Informed was willing to part with $20,000 – $30,000 PER YEAR for the ‘Research only’ report none of this data would be available. Maybe some of you hedge fund owners can afford that, but on my meager pensioners income that is not about to happen!

So I took to more austere means to see what this was all about. I donned my reading glasses and went to the interwebs to read article after article claiming how secure Knox had made Samsung’s android. But lo and behold there was one thing missing!

It would appear that everyone including Samsung has forgotten that without BlackBerry’s BES12, Knox was going nowhere fast in the EMM/MDM arena. Someone needs to administer urine testing as these executives and journalists short term memory is kaput!

Before my blood pressure goes any higher it’s best I sign off for now.


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  • Anthony

    $20,0000 – $30,000 could be how much Samsung paid Gartner for the report. locco_smiley_20

    • razrrob

      In small non-sequential bills, of course

  • Canuckvoip

    That is simply outrageous.

    • razrrob

      Luckily it came and went with the blink of an eye. No big news outlets ran with it – what’s the old saying,
      If it smells like BS, looks like BS, and feels like BS it’s probably BS


    The fact that anything running Android was rated as more secure than BlackBerry makes that report the joke of the day.

    Ha – Ha. . … .