Miss Informed – a potential Darwin Award Winner!

(courtesy of ebay.co.uk)
(courtesy of ebay.co.uk)


As Miss Informed had previously written, the quarterly earnings report (QER) will subject you poor souls to market manipulators once again. Their writings will consist of the usual servings of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD).

Again we find the usual suspects- Morgan Stanley and James Faucette printing their typical drivel. You remember, the same Morgan Stanley that performed the IPO for Good Technologies. The same James Faucette who reported that BlackBerry sold a whopping 8,000 handsets in one quarter (just prior to a QER).

Well gentle reader, here is just another example of the dismal seepage that came dripping from the Faucette

    • Morgan Stanley’s James Faucette (Underweight, $7 target), who recently argued BlackBerry’s FY16 (ends Feb. ’16) software target is unattainable, has reiterated his downbeat views today. “We continue to believe management will have to revise down FY16 revenue guidance if BBRY does not acquire significant revenue. Software ramp towards guidance remains in question.”

Who knows, maybe one day Morgan Stanley will change their evil ways. If The Motley Fool, that perennial prognosticater of petulant poo can be bullish on BlackBerry, is that too much to ask?


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