Miss Informed – clueless post of the week

(courtesy of ebay.co.uk)
(courtesy of ebay.co.uk)


This past week we’ve had a plethora of entrants for ‘Clueless Post of the Week.’ It would appear that the learned contributors to Seeking Alpha were tripping over themselves to serve up the latest heaping helping of BlackBerry venom.  Who can forget these classics-

BlackBerry: The Ineptness Continues

BlackBerry: I Hope Analysts Are Wrong

BlackBerry Is History

BlackBerry: Stuck In Restructuring?

BlackBerry: Security And Services Are Not Enough

Well gentle readers, I must say Robert Faulkner wins hands down for his click-bait title, BlackBerry is History. His article discusses a recently published book concerning the history of RIM/BlackBerry, and as such, a more appropriate title could have been BlackBerrys’ History.  Unfortunately the folks handing out Pulitzer Prizes may have passed on that, so he came up with a more catchy title- one guaranteed to foment FUD and result in more site clicks.


Don’t despair- in a few short weeks BlackBerry will announce their quarterly earnings report. This will provide fodder to the throngs of clueless who will pounce on every opportunity to take the most positive piece of information and spin it into a negative. Revenues were up, but not to the levels they should be, Profits were up, but didn’t reach the expectation, BBM monetization was up, but was off by 1% over expectations, BES12 numbers are up, but MobileIron just signed up a chain of pizza shops in Fargo, North Dakota – you get the picture.



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