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(courtesy of ebay.co.uk)
(courtesy of ebay.co.uk)


Hello again, gentle reader. Miss Informed is having quite the enjoyable summer, despite the vast amounts of FUD being disseminated. This past week that paragon of journalism known as Business Insider posted a blog entitled, “Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto will soon dominate connected car services“.


In it the author John Greenough babbles on about how android and Apple will be taking over the car Infotainment business over the next few years-

By 2020, nearly 40 million cars will be using Android Auto and 37.1 million will be using CarPlay, according to IHS, and that will cover nearly all cars launching connected car services, according to BI Intelligence estimates.

This one must be truly daft for two reasons-
1) people don’t buy a $25, $35, or $45,000 car based upon a $400 or $500 phone they will be changing in a year or two (what if they change platforms?), and more importantly
2) both Apple, Android (and WP) rely on the platform agnostic QNX kernel to run. Yes, the same QNX owned by BlackBerry!

Did Mr Greenough mention this in his article? No, nyet, nein! No mention of QNX as the brains behind a cars’ Infotainment System. Instead this self-proclaimed journalist is attempting to sell subscriptions to the ‘Business Insider Intelligence report’!

In a new report from BI Intelligence, we analyze the two tech companies first plays in the connected car market. Our in-depth analysis outlines the capabilities of each system, analyzes the market potential for both Google and Apple, and looks at why connected cars are offering such a big opportunity to mobile platforms and apps.

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So the next time you read an article from Mr Greenough simply ask yourself this, ‘did he perform any research before putting a pen to paper, or is some shill trying to meet his quota of subscriptions?’

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