Miss Informed – Benjamin Sinclair of The Motley Fool

(courtesy of ebay.co.uk)
(courtesy of ebay.co.uk)


I had initially envisioned this as a one time posting, but as each day goes by I wonder, ‘who am I to deny the truly clueless or biased their 15 minutes of fame?’ Luckily, I don’t have to look far to find many worthy candidates – hardly a day goes by when some ‘journalist’ or ‘expert’ opens their mouth just to place their foot in it.

This week there were many worthy entrants, but the clear-cut winner is no other than Benjamin Sinclair of the Motley Tool Fool. As the Troll Patrol so adeptly reported on their BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Channel, Troll Patrol (C003F4547), Benjamin has no love lost for BlackBerry as evidenced by his long history of bashing them with his ‘click-bait’ titles. This seems odd from a group that was supportive of BlackBerry in many recent articles. In addition, earlier this week UTB’s own ‘stock expert’ bartron performed an analysis of the BlackBerry short position (investors betting against BlackBerry’s success) – it is trending downward – and that’s a good thing!

So here are just a few recent Motley Tool Fool articles professing their love for BlackBerry, all written by different authors


Dec 2014- 3 Reasons Why BlackBerry Is Set to Have a Good 2015 (Sandra Mergulhao)

Feb 2015- 5 Reasons BlackBerry Ltd. Is Winning Back the Hearts of Investors (Andrew Walker)

Feb 2015- 3 Huge Reasons to Get Excited About BlackBerry Ltd (Nelson Smith)

Mar 2015- 3 Reasons to Buy BlackBerry Ltd. (Robert Baillieul)


So does it appear that Benjamin is biased against BlackBerry, or is it just me?


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