Mireo Don’t Panic Makes BlackBerry Better! Sorry iPhone


A few weeks ago our office moved.

We moved to an area that is serviced by a new (and rather major) highway connector in our region of the lower mainland of B.C. Canada.

At the time, TomTom maps had not been updated to reflect the new highway 17 infrastructure which of course affected mapping systems such as BB maps, Apple maps, and my favourite Mireo maps app shown above (all which rely on TomTom for base maps).

This resulted in Mireo indicating that I was in the middle of farmer Brown’s field as opposed to actually being on solid pavement.

I found an update today, which leads me to say that Mireo rocks, and that offline, turn by turn navigation on BlackBerry is better than it is on iPhone. Why you may ask?


Offline maps are great. You get to store the entire province/state/country/area you are travelling in directly on your device. The reason this is desirable is that you use no mobile data when driving. Your device merely uses GPS location (no data), and relates your position to the map stored on your BlackBerry. Therefore there are no roaming charges for trips out of your usual coverage area.

Mireo has been my favourite navigation app since it came out. It has a great interface, looks really nice during use, reacts quickly to re-routes, and overall runs really well on BB10.


But that’s not really the point I’m getting at here.

The point was raised at UTBblogs a couple of times here, and here today.

In order to help illustrate, the following graphic drills it home.


You see, us BlackBerry users get a CHOICE!

We get to put this map file where we CHOOSE to put it.

Why does that matter? Well because the North American map file is 2.7gb in size, that’s why!

If you are unfortunate enough to have purchased a 16gb iPhone, you will have been left with slightly over 12gb of storage space. A 2.7gb map file would consume close to 25% of your available remaining storage space.

Not cool considering the fact that an iPhone can’t do much of anything at all without a plethora of additional apps. Yuck.

The majority of iPhone users have a 16gb handset. They are stuck with the grief and perils that the walled garden that is Apple has forced upon them. How sad…

Anyway, I had contacted Mireo a while back and asked them when they might have an updated map. Lo and behold it is now available! So if you are a Mireo user, open up the app and choose the gear/settings icon. Scroll down and click the “Check for Updates” button.



You should see a new map for NA (not sure about other regions). It now has the new highway infrastructure in my area, and may well have new roads, highways, streets, and avenues for you too!

Not sure how long ago the map was updated because the app doesn’t immediately indicate that there’s a new one for you. Because of the size of the map file, I highly recommend updating whilst on WiFi as opposed to LTE/4G etc.

Way to go Mireo!

iPhone buyers are using and paying for bandwidth when not necessary, more than likely because they don’t want to use the limited storage space on their handset.


Get Unlimited…

Go BlackBerry.


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