Millions of IoT Devices Still Unsecured

We would have hoped that after last year’s IoT attack, we would have learned our lesson. But we haven’t.

Last October, a botnet attack occurred which took out a large part of the internet. This botnet was made up of IoT devices, such as IP cameras and the like, that were not properly secured. Having such a major attack take place, one would assume that actions had occurred to secure these devices, so that it wouldn’t happen again. One would have thought wrong.

At Wednesday’s RSA Conference in San Francisco, researchers from Trend Micro revealed that they had discovered more than 178 million IoT devices which are open and visible to attackers in just the 10 largest cities in The U.S. These devices are easily found using just the Shodan search engine.

Among these open IoT devices, the researchers found webcams, routers, printers, NAS devices, mobile devices, medical products, nd a “significant” numbe of web and email servers. These devices could be open to attack, or simply to steal data.

Some major growth is occurring in the IoT space, and yet it might as well be called the new wild west. New ideas are plentiful, new products even more so, yet safety and security is an afterthought instead of a goal. Just imagine, users are purchasing security cameras to monitor their domiciles, and yet others just may be using those very same security cameras to monitor the users. It’s a scary thought.

There is one company that is working to secure the IoT. BlackBerry is offering a secure foundation on which IoT creators can build, ensuring their ideas which offer users function and convenience, will also no risk those users privacy and security. There is a huge market that in need BlackBerry’s services, and I can’t wait for them all to realize it.



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