Microsoft Introduces OneDrive Personal Vault

Microsoft wants to protect your private files.

Here’s a welcome option for those that have certain files that they’d like to keep private. Microsoft is introducing a more secure storage within their OneDrive cloud with Personal Vault.

BlackBerry users are already used to this type of functionality with it’s Locker app. Likewise Samsung users enjoy their own Secure Folder app. OneDrive’s Personal Vault will operate in much the same way.

Users can move files from their regular OneDrive account into their Personal Vault, which will requite a second step of identity verification such as fingerprint, face unlock, PIN, or a code sent via SMS or email. The files themselves will enjoy an extra level of encryption, both at rest and in transit. Phone application users will also be able to shoot photos and videos directly into the Personal Vault.

In addition to the news of the upcoming rollout of Personal Vault, Microsoft also announced double the amount of storage for paid OneDrive users. Users who pay the $1.99 a month for 50 GB of storage will soon find that their 50 GB has grown to 100 GB at no additional charge.

All those iPhone users who like to store their naughty selfies in the iCloud, may want to transition over to Microsoft’s OneDrive soon.

Source: Microsoft


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