Michael Clewley tells us New 10.3 Hub Reset


The hub will now close / auto-save open content and default to the list after 30 mins of inactivity.

This is great! I am someone that will leave my hub in place in an e-mail and swipe out to do something else, and come back to continue on where I was. The hub works perfectly for me as is. However, there are a lot of people out there that have been complaining that the hub does not reset when you close it. I’ve heard it all to often, “you’re adding a swipe, it’s not efficient” … two different ways of using the phone, two different wants. And it looks like BlackBerry has listened to all of us.

By placing a time frame on it, people that merely use their hub to read and respond to e-mails and aren’t on it all day long can always return to their main hub screen. And people like myself, who work their e-mail from their device, won’t have to go searching for that e-mail every time they go back to it. Thank you BlackBerry for listening, and coming up with a great resolution.


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  • nnik

    God forbid that extra swipe to close something! How did we ever put up with that? AT LEAST ALL WE NEED TO DO IS SWIPE THE F****N THING…EVER USE AN iSHIT TO MOVE BETWEEN OPEN ITEMS? SEE WHAT HAPPENS?! lmao! Next people will be complaining they need to swipe up to turn on their phone…. way too much effort, it should do that automatically! Funny thing? Knowing BlackBerry, in the near future, it will

    • Anthony

      It would be cool if the BB10 device used face detection to automatically turn on the screen.

  • Anthony

    I hope this is a “setting”. I would prefer the hub stays where I left it. locco_smiley_14