Mercedes F1 Team Say ‘If You Want To Be A Winner – Go BlackBerry’

mercedes f1 car

If you’ve been following the global circus that is Formula One motor racing than you will know that the Mercedes team are smiting all and sundry this year.

In the Constructors Championship (which is the team points) Mercedes are so far ahead that their lead is almost unassailable and the Drivers Championship (that’s for individuals) will be decided between their two drivers, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.

Being British myself I would obviously prefer Lewis to win it but, as a BlackBerrian I’ll settle for Nico too.

Either way, last year Mercedes were very much also rans in the Formula One world. So what’s changed?

Well, Formula One is a multi billion dollar industry where innovation is at the heart of what the car manufacturers do. They have a set of guidelines to follow and basically they have to get the best out of what they have. There are two variables, the driver and the car itself. And both are analysed to the tiniest margins to get the best out of them. Every fraction of a second SQUEEZED out of the car is vital, whether that be in aero dynamics, fuel, tyres, brakes or whatever.

In fact, one of the reasons that Formula One is so pumped with cash is that many of the features you have on your car today were invented by Formula One teams. It’s one great big laboratory.

As well as being a fantastic sport.

But the BIG difference that happened to Mercedes, the one that has given them the edge this year to win race after race after race? Well, they explain it very nicely here:

Now, as IT Director Matt Hills says in the above video:

For us as a business security is AS IMPORTANT as the performance of the car. Because otherwise we give away that performance to other people.

Because last year they didn’t run entirely on BlackBerry phones. They let people use something else.

They effectively operated BYOD. Yes, the majority were on BlackBerry’s but it would appear there were iPhonian and Androidian incursions.

So, it would seem, from what Matt says, that this meant that secrets would have been inadvertently given away.

Well, I wonder how THAT could have happened?

And in the F1 world, secrets kept are Championships won.

So look what happens this year as the entire team are now using BlackBerry Z30’s?

When the iPhonian and Androidian leaks are taken away?

Mercedes are world beaters.

So, the message is simple.

If you want to be an ALSO RAN, if MEDIOCRITY is your thing and if you settle for LESS IN LIFE then you keep on trucking with your iOS or Android device.

But if you want to EXCEL, if you want to be the BEST, if you want to be a WINNER…

Buy a BlackBerry.

Are you watching Andy Pandy?


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