Meet Darryl, the Quintessential Androidian


News Channel 6 out of Wichita TX introduces us to Darryl. Darryl is the typical Androidian, suffering through those things only typical Androidians suffer through.

First, poor Darryl was simply laying in bed, minding his own business, when his phone took a picture of him all on it’s own!

“I was laying in bed and my phone, right there, took a picture.”

Poor Darryl.

Later, Darryl was doing as Darryl does, watching videos on his wrestling app when suddenly he was attacked by a girl! Rest easy boys, it wasn’t a real girl. She was a girl on his screen.

“A picture of a girl showed up and every time I got in my wrestling federation app she’d float.”

Darryl finally tired of his new virtual girlfriend getting in the way of his wrestling viewing and attempted to break it off by turning her off. A woman scorned, apparently accuses you of some very bad things!

“It says I downloaded porn, child porn, downloaded videos, I downloaded music, and I scrolled down and it said please pay $500 to Paypal.”

Poor Darryl was not only the victim of a spying phone, and a victim of pop ups, but also the victim of ransomware. But Darryl’s no fool.

“I tell you what, if I did everything they said on this phone, there wouldn’t have been a warning. The FBI would have come told me personally. The FBI don’t collect money on a phone.”

Luckily Darryl had friends that were able to reset his phone for him, and he can now go back to enjoying his wrestling videos. I tell you what, someone needs to introduce Darryl to BlackBerry 10.

Source: News Channel 6 Now


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  • nnik

    Ever see the permissions some of the android apps want? That the don’t come out and ask for your passwords is surprising

  • ray689

    Who won the wrestling match?

    • Brad

      Darryl’s brother Larry.

  • Rog518za


  • mikerob

    I bet his wrestling app needs Google Play Services. Content consumption vs. productivity again.

  • KING_Kia

    Maybe NSA???