Meet the BlackBerry Aurora

The Aurora received the best commercial I’ve ever seen for a BlackBerry.

By now we’ve all seen the images of the BlackBerry Aurora. We’ve even seen the site. We know what it is, and we also know that the phone isn’t being targeted at most of us. This is the phone being built by BB Merah Puti. The Indonesian partner that will be designing, manufacturing, and marketing BlackBerry phones targeted at that region.

So about that marketing…

A new advertisement has popped up at the YouTube channel of Dharma Azil. Is this an official video? I don’t know. But it sure looks like it, and if it’s not, then BB Merah Puti needs to be getting in contact with whoever made this video. Quickly. And hire them.

This video is nothing like what we’ve seen in a BlackBerry video. There’s not a suit to be seen. There’s no businessman “getting stuff done”. No, this video is aimed at another group entirely. This video is aimed at consumers, and media creators. I’m so glad to finally see this.

We watch as what I’m assuming are two female students go about their day. Using the phones. Yes, actually using the phones. And we see a great clip of the camera in use. What has to be the best show and tell of a BlackBerry camera ever. There is no denying what this commercial is for thanks to the branding present throughout.

How good is this commercial? Well, I’ve been caught up in the KEYone hysteria myself. As a physical keyboard lover, I have no interest in a slab phone, especially with the KEYone coming soon. And I understand that the Aurora is made for a specific market and that market is not me. But watching this commercial? Now I want one.

Great job!

Now let’s see more like this!



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