BlackBerry Announces Android Security Update For May Begins Rollout.

The BlackBerry Security Incident Response Team have announced on Twitter today that the May Android security patch update has begun rolling out for devices obtained through For Devices bought through carriers or retailers, the update is dependent on them to roll it out.

April’s security update did seem to have a few hiccups getting out to all devices with some people, most likely on carrier devices, still waiting to receive it. However, those devices may end up skipping the April update and jump straight to the May update. Hopefully this month’s update will be a smoother rollout.

Let us know in the comments below when you receive the update and if you notice any changes. In the meantime, you can check out the update bulletin HERE.



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  • I hope April was just an anomaly and May arrives for Verizon soon.

  • DLewis13

    Beat me to it. A lot of carriers besides Verizon never received April update, complaints from customers in Canada also. I Verizon does release May update, it averages a week to 10 days after official release.
    They have to “test’ which means they have to be sure they don’t screw something up.