This May Be The Company Producing BlackBerry in India

Unnamed sources state Optiemus shall make and sell BlackBerry handsets in India.

We’ve known BlackBerry was working on finalizing who would be producing BlackBerry branded handsets in India. Economic Times reports that company to be Optiemus.

Unnamed sources have told the website that Optiemus has signed a 10 year exclusive contract to design, manufacture, and sell BlackBerry branded handsets in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

One of these unnamed sources stated “The company will focus on BlackBerry handsets priced between Rs 12,000 to Rs 20,000, which is the fastest growing segment in India.” The sources went on to state that they plan to sell two million handsets within one year.

With the whole of the devices designed and manufactured within India, BlackBerry hardware will be free of the issues Apple faced when they attempted to open Apple Stores in India. Just like BlackBerry’s Indonesian deal with BB Merah Putih, and the much larger agreement with TCL, the BlackBerry branded phones will carry BlackBerry’s secure android software.

Note: This is not verified. Economic Times states that they have reached out to both BlackBerry and Optiemus for confirmation and have yet to receive a response. Economic Times reported back in November that the companies were in discussion, and if this deal comes to fruition, it would be the culmination of those discussions.

Who is Optiemus? In a joint venture with Taiwanese Wistron Corp, Optiemus became the largest contract manufacturer of smartphones in India. The company has exclusive deals to manufacture smartphones LG, OnePlus, HTC, and Oppo.

If this news bears fruit, Indian customers should be happy knowing a new BlackBerry phone is on the horizon.



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