May BlackBerry App Updates Include more than Bug Fixes

We’ve seen new BlackBerry Android app updates drop, there’s a few surprises you may not have noticed.

I’m assuming you, like me, are using a BlackBerry. A few months back, we received a whole new BlackBerry app with the Privacy Shade. It’s an app which is so simple, and so effective, I find it hard to believe that no one had thought of it before. Were you aware it was only available on BlackBerry Android phones? I wasn’t. But it was. And now, that has changed. With the latest BlackBerry app updates, the Privacy Shade becomes available to all Android users using Hub+ services. And the app got better, as mentioned earlier, we are now able to adjust the size of the reading window.

There are also a few new niceties to the BlackBerry Hub itself, including;

  • Quick File: Move messages into a folder with just a few taps, enabling faster workflows.
  • Support for Google Hangouts notifications: You can now see Google Hangouts notifications in the BlackBerry Hub.
  • GroupWise mail server Out-of-Office message: Users who are using GroupWise mail now have the same out-of-office functionality as others.
  • Enhanced message preview when roaming: For ActiveSync accounts. We now provide a message preview during sync instead of just showing a header or waiting to download the full message.
  • Dark Theme for the Hub Widget: If you have set the dark theme for Hub the Widget will now respect that setting as well.

By now, we’re all used to most app updates being bug fixes, or perhaps security updates. More often than not, the updates don’t really affect anything that we see. It’s a nice surprise when app updates actually include new features, and this time around, BlackBerry has delivered.


source: BlackBerry


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