Master the BlackBerry KEY2 Keyboard in Under Two Minutes

You might just learn something in BlackBerry Mobile’s newest video

BlackBerry Mobile has posted a new video to their YouTube channel. The very aptly titled “Mastering the keyboard with BlackBerry KEY2 in under two minutes” gives a series of tips about how to be a keyboard master on the BlackBerry KEY2 keyboard. It’s a very nice video, that may just provide you with a trick or two that you don’t already know.

My favorite tip is Tip #2 which shows how to pull up the characters and numbers on the screen with a virtual keyboard. Unfortunately, this has become a necessity for me, as the alt characters on the KEY2 are just not bright enough for me to see in most conditions. Additionally, I find myself needing to punch numbers into my phone one handed quite often, and that makes this trick a must have for me. In order to type numbers into a text field that is not simply a numerical data entry window, it takes two hands on a physical keyboard. However, with a BlackBerry capacitive keyboard, it’s simple to do it one handed. Simply swipe down twice on your keyboard, and the virtual numerical keyboard pops up right on screen ready for one handed use. This has proven to be a lifesaver for me.

Watch the video below, and let us know if any of the tips were new to you. Do you have your own tip that can help the rest of us be even more efficient on our BlackBerry?


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