Marvel Drops a New Black Panther Trailer During Championship Game

Who can’t wait to see The Black Panther?

Earlier tonight, during halftime of the college championship game, Marvel dropped a new trailer for the newest superhero flick, The Black Panther.

The Black Panther first debuted in an issue of the Fantastic Four in 1966. The Black Panther is the mantle worn by T’Challa, king and protector of the fictional African nation of Wakanda, who’s technology would make Tony Stark weep.

We finally got to see the character portrayed in Captain America: Civil War. The chase scene with The Black Panther, Captain America, and Winter Soldier left no doubt that the T’Challa is a heavy hitter, and left us all anxious for his standalone movie.

You can watch the newest trailer below, and the movie will hit theaters February 16th.


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