Marketing?…….hmmm…. or Manipulation? Winners? or Losers?

Things move very quickly and can be very hard to predict in any aspect of the market that involves technology. BlackBerry owners can vouch for this. It would seem that BlackBerry is on the rise again, which means somebody is on the way down. Or several somebodies.

Now with all the various social mediums available the way products are presented to people has had to change. Celebrity endorsement is bigger than ever. The average Josephine can also have a profound effect on the way an item is accepted by her peers.  Sales reps. play a significant role on what the consumers buy.


I am really hoping that BlackBerry will continue to innovate not only in their products but also in the way they market them. Strategies tend to grow old and be ignored quickly. Look at Samsung for instance; In the very recent past they were at the top, they could do no wrong. People bought their devices, even though (in my opinion) LG, HTC, Nokia had far better products. Where are they now? Losing out more and more ever quarter, down 60% last quarter. This headline tells all not something you thought you would hear.

This should not be a surprise though, how long can a company pull stunts like this and get away with it? Besides Apple of course, they just throw money and lawyers at their problems. That of course works both ways if you have enough money, here’s a good read.

It is very important how the news is presented as well; looking at this headline, Samsung slump echoes demise of rivals BlackBerry and Nokia one could get the impression that BlackBerry no longer exists. In fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth. What we have now is a company that has learned from it’s mistakes and is moving forward in several directions. All of which will be successful because BlackBerry is not only ahead in most of these endeavours, but the competition doesn’t even exist. Sure some are trying to squeeze themselves in. If Apple and IBM can quit infighting long enough they may be able to provide a passable product for some enterprise customers. By the time that happens BlackBerry will be so much further ahead. Nobody builds and OS even close to QNX, so no competition there. When it comes to the security that only BlackBerry has, this is the perfect foundation for Internet of things (IoT).

So any intelligent person could surmise which way BlackBerry is going


>>>>>> this way.

With Samsungs lack of innovation and relying totally on trying to force their product on the consumers and Apples….well Applegate, we know where they are headed.





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