If you are entrepreneurially inclined with a serious acumen towards the stock market, you will probably know a man by the name of John Zechner from J Zechner Associates. He is a dynamic persona and a sought-after market commentator who manages over $2 billion worth in assets. He is one of a selected few whom recently expressed an optimistic outlook on BlackBerry Ltd. Recently in an interview with BNN Bloomberg, this is what he had to say…

“…BlackBerry under John Chen has achieved a phenomenal turnaround from a fading maker of smartphones to a pure software firm with competitive strength in cybersecurity and auto IoT software. In the process, the company has maintained positive cash flow with a strong balance sheet. While the company has been hurt by near-term execution issues and potential quarterly result disappointments, investors are overlooking some key assets, such as Cylance, QNX, and Athoc, as well as the long-term growth in Cybersecurity”

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But J Zechner Associates are not the only analysts that have a long-term contributing forecast on BlackBerry. While market predictors are still weighing towards a contradiction around the short-term performance of the company, it’s a consensus broadly that BlackBerry will have the market strength to reach $7.65 over the coming 12 months. This evaluation strongly suggests a reasonable tender by potential investors to view BlackBerry Ltd as the entity it currently represents, that of a long-term asset investment.

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Prem Watsa, Chairman of Fairfax Financial Holdings has a representing portfolio of 14.69% in BlackBerry equity. He is said to have never shied away from a challenge, always patiently preferring to take the long-term view because being an investor revered a viable asset more as a long-term commitment which will in the end always deliver the dividends. And for him, persistence is a key factor.

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Financial writer David Jagielski ranked BlackBerry Ltd as his “top stock” pick for 2020. He had this to say:

“…Although it has struggled this past year and hasn’t performed up to analyst expectations, there is still a lot of potential for the company to bounce back in a big way next year. Its acquisition of Cylance has put BlackBerry in a great position to expand its offerings while also helping to grow its customer list in the process. BlackBerry’s focus on cybersecurity and strong capabilities in artificial intelligence make it an exciting long-term buy, especially as consumers focus more on data privacy and security. And with gross margins averaging 75%, the company’s business looks stronger than ever. As it continues to grow its sales, it’ll lead to a stronger bottom line and that will help generate some much-needed excitement around the stock”

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It is believed and understood that BlackBerry under the guidance of John Chen will commend towards a clearer insight as a software company investment portfolio. It should also be viewed as such by investors. The adjustments to the company exerted over the past few years from a hardware manufacturer towards a market niche that doesn’t include in any capacity mobile manufacturing has made BlackBerry that company with a realistic chance for change. The outlook surrounding long-term investment as a contributing factor within the stock growth of BlackBerry would be clearly sought after as an opportunity by stakeholders to capitalise on and that would be for the right reasons in the evolution of the current BlackBerry! For those reasons will yield deliverance towards an investable select in the future of the new BlackBerry!

“…Investment is most successful when it is most business-like”

Ben Graham

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