March Security Update is Breaking Android Pay

Google’s March security update is having an unwanted side effect.

BlackBerry started rolling out the March security update for Android this week. Some users of other phones are now reporting that the security update has broke Android Pay.

Users have taken to Reddit complaining of the issue. The primary users complaining of the issue are using Google’s own branded devices, the Pixel and a few Nexus models. Those with the issue are stating that their phone will no longer pass the SafetyNet Test after the security update.

Google quickly pushed out an Android Pay app update. This update however, didn’t fix the issue.

I have yet to see a BlackBerry mentioned as having the issue. Are you using Android Pay with BlackBerry Android? Have you received the March update? If you answered yes to the prior two questions, are you having issues with Android Pay? Let us know in the comments, and let’s hope Google fixes the issue quickly for those affected.




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