Making the Case for Dual SIM Phones


There have been reports of a rumored BlackBerry KeyOne for the Indian market which might be a dual SIM phone. This is likely with the partner Optiemus. Why dual SIMs are a great deal in emerging economies?

One simple reason- they are very practical. They are, at the very basic, a GSM handset with slots for two SIM cards. This helps to segregate the personal and business lives to a great extent.

  • One phone alone! This, for me, is a huge plus. Carrying two phones is a chore and obvious disadvantage. I have cycled between Priv and Passport till I decided to make Priv as my daily driver. At the same time, I needed an option for another number; one for work and one for my personal use. I don’t like getting unsolicited calls on my personal number.
  • Full network coverage.  This is obvious. With two different network providers, I am spreading out the risk of not being unreachable; especially in times of emergency!
  • Make the most from different tariffs.This has become the core issue here. One SIM is being used for calls, the other SIM is being used purely for data. It helps to take advantage of the different schemes and tariffs with hyper competition driving down the prices.
  • Multi-ownership. A Dual SIM phone, e.g. Nokia 101, can save in personal settings for up-to five different SIM cards which is very nifty; especially in the emerging economies.
  • Extended battery life is questionable but we will have to see how the purported BlackBerry KeyOne will hold up with two SIM slots.

As noted, it is definitely advantageous to have a dual SIM.

May I remind the readers that BlackBerry Aurora is the first dual SIM device that was specifically released for Indonesian market.


BlackBerry Forever!

  • zensen

    Does BlackBerry android have a different workspace for work like BlackBerry 10 does? Otherwise I’d carry two phones to keep it as separate as possible.

    Never had a need for dual sims but I can see why people would want it. I wouldn’t want to sacrifice an sd slot to satisfy it. I think some phones allow you to interchange? Could be wrong… again not high on my priority list.

  • Interesting arguments for dual SIM! Can definitely see the use case.