Make Your Own Stickers on Telegram

Telegram offers users the ability to make their very own stickers.

One of the many fun things about BBM consumer that BBM Enterprise is missing is a variety of stickers. With the end of BBM consumer quickly approaching, many BBM users are finding themselves relocating to Telegram. While the thought of leaving behind BBM is a hard pill to swallow for many of us, Telegram offers many of those fun features that were found in BBM consumer. Stickers are one of those things which can be found on Telegram, and in all honesty, stickers are an area where Telegram actually beats BBM.

Stickers are plentiful on Telegram. There are a near limitless supply of stickers on Telegram, and all are free. And if there are stickers which you want, but are unable to find, on Telegram you can simply make your own. In fact, many users favorite BBM stickers are finding their way to Telegram thanks to do-it-yourself users. But in addition to the overwhelming variety of stickers, you can make your own. That’s right, missing some stickers? Think your cat would make some good stickers? Well it’s simple enough to make your own.

If you’re an illustrator or have skill with photoshop, it’s as simple as adding the sticker bot (@stickers) as a chat and following the directions. But if you’re a more casual user, that wants to make stickers on your phone, using nothing but free apps, it’s totally possible. This is how I’ve been doing it.

Step 1: Get your image. I’ll be honest, I like a lot of stickers from BBM, and I don’t want to say goodbye to them when BBM consumer comes to an end, so I’ve been taking a few sticker sets from BBM and bringing them with me to Telegram. The easiest way I’ve found to do this is to open a blank chat with a solid color background in BBM, and press and hold the sticker you want in the sticker drawer. This will give you a sticker preview that is larger, cleaner image than what can be found in chats or in the sticker previews. Once that is there, take a screenshot.

Step 2: Crop your image. More than likely whatever app you use as a gallery, gives you the ability to crop the image. Crop it down to a square 1:1 image. If this image is larger than 512 x 512, then you can skip to step 4. If it is smaller than those dimensions, head on to step 4.

Step 3: Photo Layers or Picsart, your choice. You can do this step with either of these two apps. Picsart is a great full featured app, however I’ve found I can do this faster with Photo Layers. Grab yourself an image, any image, it doesn’t matter what it looks like as long as it is larger than 512 x 512. In both apps you’ll be able to crop that image to a square, and then add your sticker image over the top of it. By layering your sticker image over the top, you’ll be hiding the underlaying image and expanding the size of your sticker image. Save the image.

Step 4: Shrink it! Yes, I know, you just went to all that trouble to make it bigger. The problem is photo resizing apps will tend to make images smaller but not larger. Using Photo Layers or Picsart in the method described above tends to lose the least amount of quality vs photo resizing apps I’ve used that will make images larger. For this step I like the app Lit Photo. It allows you to shrink multiple images at once. So if you have done steps 1-3 with multiple images, you can shrink them all at once. You will want to shrink the images by pixel to 512 x 512

Step 5 Make it transparent. No one likes square stickers, so make it transparent. This is where Background Eraser comes in. You can also use Picsart for this, but Background Eraser works so much better and is foolproof. Use the automatic feature and don’t forget to smooth. Save your file.

Step 6: The payoff! In the sticker bot, use the /newpack command to create your pack. You’ll need to name your pack. Next use /addsticker to add stickers to that pack. Add your image. You will need to add the image as a file, not as a picture. Once you add it, the sticker bot will ask you for a corresponding emoji. This is so that your stickers can be suggested when you use that emoji.

Once done adding stickers, you can use /publish to publish your stickers, and you will be given a link to those stickers. You can share that link with your friends, and you can always go back and add more stickers to the pack or make new packs.

You can use these methods with any images of your choice. Let us know if you’ve made any stickers, and if you’d like, share the links in the comments below so we can all use them.


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