Make Your Own Wallpapers Using Your BlackBerry Android Phone

People seem to enjoy wallpapers, I’m going to show you how I make mine.

One of the things which I love about my BlackBerry Android powered Priv is the ability I have for image creation. My Priv has completely negated my need of Photoshop for image creation here at UTB Blogs. The vast majority of my recent images and logos as well as wallpapers I use on my own phones, and have been created using the methods I will describe here. It’s simple, easy, fast, and fun.

There are three apps I use. For some images I only need one, some I’ll use a combination of the three. I’ll explain what each do, and how I use them.

Background Eraser:

This app does exactly what it says it does. It erases the background of an image. This allows you to cut out portions of photos which you wish to use in your other images. There is an auto feature that allows for a user set threshold of similar color, which is very helpful if the background of the image is close to the color of what you wish to cut out. There is also a manual setting which allows you to clean up areas of photos which are problematic with the auto mode. You need a steady finger when utilizing this method.

Download Background eraser here


This is by far my most used app. It’s made by the same developer of Background Eraser and works almost identically to that app. The difference is, that this app also allows you to combine your photo elements into your final image. In this app, the workflow is as follows.

  1. Add background
  2. Add photo
  3. Cut photo
  4. Place photo
  5. Repeat as needed

You can add, resize, and place multiple elements to your liking. You can even adjust colors of elements, and add shadows. This app is a must have for image creation and can be all you really need for wallpaper and image creation.

Download Photo Layers here


Picsart is a full featured photo editor. Like the previous two apps, this app is free, although unlike the other two apps, this app isn’t monetized through ads. This app is monetized by selling you elements and unlocking functions. Don’t worry though, you can fully realize some amazing images without having to make any purchases.

You can utilize Picsart to cut portions of images out like the previous two apps, however the method to do this is far more clunky and I’ve never been able to get as good of a result. This is an app you can spend hours playing with and never fully discover everything you can do.

I primarily use this app to add text to my images, and admit I have spent a fair amount of money on in-app purchases for fonts. Typically, when creating images in this app, I will utilize the Background eraser app to create the elements I use.

Download Picsart here

See below for a few examples of how I have used these apps for images. Grab the apps yourself (or any other apps you may use) and share your BlackBerry created wallpapers with the rest of us in our UTB Forums here.

A simple wallpaper made using PhotoLayers
Our new Blogcast Audio Edition BBM Channel Art. Utilized Background Eraser for the headphones element, Picsart for combining and text.
Image created as an intro for our “My BlackBerry story” videos. BlackBerry element was pulled from another image using Background Eraser, Picsart for other text and combining.
It doesn’t get any simpler than this, using only Picsart.
This may be the most intricate image I’ve created on my BlackBerry. Each image and text block is a separate element. Images were grabbed using Background Eraser. Text and combining elements were done on Picsart. Who needs Photoshop?
Wallpaper using Passport SE and KEYone images made on Picsart


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