Magenta Madman Crams It!

Turn that frown upside down!
Turn that frown upside down!

Oh John, you just haven’t been doing well have you? So much has happened since we last spoke. I see you are still with that other platform. But really, sharing it like you do. Lending it out. Giving that first taste free and hoping they come back for more. That just reeks of desperation John.

And now, it looks as if you’ve got yourself in to a little bit of trouble doesn’t it John? Was it really that bad? You can’t buy love John, especially with ill gotten money. So you got involved in premium texting subscriptions? And T-Mobile makes up to 40% on that? Sounds like a great deal John! Money that is definitely needed when you’re trying to battle your way to the top, and your un-carrier deals just don’t seem to be  working out to well. Except it turns in to a problem when these subscriptions aren’t authorized by your customers. An even bigger problem when it seems that your billing is made up in such a way to purposely hide these charges. And yet an even bigger problem when you accuse your customers of actually signing up for these services.

Oh John! There’s better ways to go about making a name for yourself! Provide services, provide coverage, provide the phones people want! And eventually, they will come. But throwing yourself out there as some sort of CEO rockstar, wearing pink… er… magenta, and getting kicked out of parties, is sure to get you noticed, but that’s not always a good thing. Because the FTC has noticed you now John. And they’re taking you to task. Apparently this grand money making scheme of yours has a name John, and it’s called cramming. No, not like cramming for exams like you did at CEO school. (anyone want to guess the team colors?) No John, “cramming” is when you cram bogus charges underneath other charges, hiding them from those that you are charging. And it seems the FTC is accusing you of “knowingly billing customers for hundreds of millions in bogus charges.”

John, I knew you were no good all along, but this is a new low. Good luck John, I’ll be watching from the sideline, but I’m sorry, with our history, I won’t be rooting for you this time.

Oh, and just for old time’s sake…

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