Mac Anti-Malware Tool Was Actually Malware

Apple allowed the same malware on it’s Mac App Store multiple times.

The application was called Adware Doctor, this time. It had previously been on the Mac App Store under the name Adware Medic, but had been removed as a copycat app because of another legitimate application called AdwareMedic from Malwarebytes. After the removal, the application returned under the new name, and became one of the top paid utilities is Apple’s storefront. Unfortunately, this application was malware. Retailing at $5 the app had over 6,000 positive, and most likely fake, reviews.

The application would do what was promised and clear adware out of the browser. On top of this, it would also collect the user’s iTunes search history, browsing history of Safari, and with the access it was granted upon delivery, it could collect information from numerous other apps. This information was in turn delivered to a server in China. No surprise there.

The C&C server is now offline, but could come back online at anytime. Furthermore, the app has once again been removed from the Mac App Store, however it seems it could easily return with yet another name change. Malwarebytes director of Mac and Mobile, Thomas Reed states, “It’s blindingly obvious at this point that the Mac App Store is not the safe haven of reputable software that Apple wants it to be.”

Source: Digital Trends


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