Lunch bag Letdown with RBC Mobile Wallet


Let it be said that not ALL things are easy, or automatic on mobile and the Priv is no exception. The Royal Bank of Canada is where I hold numerous accounts. I knew that RBC had held off plans to include their mobile wallet feature on the popular BB10 app I’ve used hundreds of times, so I wanted to give it the old College try whilst using the new BlackBerry Priv.


NFC (Near Field Communication) can be a really useful tool to transfer files between devices, change options available on your device by using tags, and in this case make payments at POS (Point Of Sale) terminals in numerous stores and outlets across Canada and in many other countries.

Last Saturday I decided to try out the latter in order to pick up some ice and snacks for our gig that night. On my way to the office to pick up my cooler (why the Heck did I leave it there again?) I remembered that the SIM I transferred to the Priv from the Passport was not NFC enabled. Leaving the office I called Telus tech support from my car. I spoke to a nice guy on the help desk who politely asked me how I like the new Priv. He confirmed that indeed I need a new NFC enabled SIM card. OK… off to the scene of the crime (the corporate store where I picked up the new phone).

Five minutes after arriving at the store I was walking out with the NFC enabled new SIM card and on my way to the grocery store before loading up my guitars and heading out for the night. I parked at the shop and whipped out the phone. Ah yes, this is going to be fun!

I started the RBC app, chose the “Wallet” feature which incidentally asks you to use your PIN again and chose to “Add a payment card”. Awesome! Eagerly I went to add my Client (debit) card. Error. I tried to add my credit card. Error. Hmmm…

No matter, it must be that the app doesn’t like that I added the NFC SIM after the app was installed. I deleted the app, rebooted the phone and re-installed the app. No… same thing. Error.


Oh to Heck with it. I went in the store and bought the goods the old fashioned way, with Tap and Pay on my NFC enabled Client card. :>)  Dang it, I’m going to leave a review on Sunday after the gig!


I must say with respect that RBC is all over their app in GPlay. This morning I called them. Turns out that I’m no where near the first person to enlighten RBC about the problem. Their statement is that the Priv is new enough that they’ve not done testing on it to look for incompatibilities. Fair enough, Box didn’t work/was not available for  few days either. Apparently they are having “issues” with Marshmallow as well (I hate referring to OS versions as candy and sweets).

Lunch bag letdown.

As Tom Petty would say, the waiting is the hardest part. All is not roses in Android land, or anywhere for that matter. Carry on then.


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