Love the KEYone? Then You’ll Love the New Price

The BlackBerry KEYone gets a lower price point in the US.

The BlackBerry Mobile KEYone has been the device which has changed things for BlackBerry’s name in the mobile phone arena. The classic BlackBerry form factor, with it’s inimitable physical keyboard, running the full Android OS, was a win for tech reviewers the world over. BlackBerry software providing the unparalleled security, privacy tools and BlackBerry efficiency to Android was a win for BlackBerry users looking for a new device. In all, this device has been the device which most of us had been waiting for.

Since it’s initial release we’ve seen a few additional versions roll out. In fact, it’s still rolling out in some markets. This phone just keeps going, much like it’s incredible battery.

Now, BlackBerry Mobile has announced a new price on KEYone. We’ve seen sales come and go, but this is a permanent price change, which should make any prospective buyers happy. The phone’s new price is $499.99 which is a savings of $50 over it’s original MSRP. I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that the BlackBerry KEYone is my favorite BlackBerry phone. And yes, that is comparing it to all those that came before it, and even the Motion that has come after. You can’t go wrong with this phone.

The device can be purchased at the new price unlocked and exclusively at Amazon or Best Buy.




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