Love For the Q10; Accessory Review; Q10 OEM Flip Shell


I realize most of the BBRY community is focused on the Classic and Passport right now, and rightly so, as they’re both excellent devices with their own use-case. Turns out the Classic may totally outsell the Passport if it hasn’t already; who would have guessed. The truth is, there are three other well made BB10 devices that are still in service and still deserve some love.

I own a Z10 and Q10 that I swap my SIM back and forth with. My Q10 is my go to, daily driver and the Z10 is the one I use if I want an all touch for a while. I have been salivating over the Passport and Classic like many fans, but I have already bought two BBRYs off contract and don’t know if I  can justify a third. In the meantime, I recently purchased three accessories on Amazon for my Q10: a charger bundle, an OEM holster and an OEM flip shell. I’d like to tell you about the OEM flip shell here.


The bottom line is, this case is AWESOME!!! I’ve been using it for almost three weeks now, and I’ve waited to do this review, as I cannot see reviewing a product without using it long enough. This case is THE BEST OEM, BBRY logo’d case I’ve ever owned, and I’ve had the Storm II, a Bold, Z10, Q10, and Z30, and I’ve had OEM cases for each. The case is gorgeous. It makes a great impression sitting on the table in meetings or where ever. It’s really got a premium look and feel and the big BBRY bullets on the front are awesome.


The back of the case is grippy because there is leather in the middle and because the plastic is just grippy enough, but it still slides in and out of the pocket easily. The case opens and closes readily with one hand. The flap hangs down below the phone, generally out of the way, and you only have to adjust your grip a little bit to grip the phone. What I mean is, I find I grip the phone a little differently with the case on it versus without. The flap screen cover has a magnet that puts the Q10 to sleep when closed and wakes it up when opened. All the ports and buttons are accessible with the case closed, save the speaker at the bottom, which isn’t an issue since I can’t see when you would want to listen to something with the screen covered.


Of course, the iconic BBRY notification light is visible with the cover closed. There’s an interesting glass or plastic piece in the flap that rests directly above the light and allows the light to be seen. It has some type of magnifying effect based on the way it’s designed, increasing the chances that you’ll still see your light blinking even if the flap is not sitting perfectly closed.

After about a week using the case, the flap at the bottom of the case loosened up making it easier to open and close. If you watch the short video below, you can see how easy it is to use the case with one hand, which is important to me. (It’s dorky, but I kind of feel like I’m using a Star Trek communicator when I open and close the case.) I have had no issues with the case opening when I didn’t want it to. The clasp at the top is hardened and holds it’s shape allowing the flap to stay shut. I would recommend being careful with this flap and being sure not to bend it one way or the other.

All in all, this is a gorgeous case that offers solid protection for everyday use. It can be operated with one hand, and has the BBRY bullets on the front. It makes a great impression and helps preserve your battery with the sleep function. The icing on the cake is that this case is selling on Amazon for $7.50, an unbelievable deal. If you intend to use your Q10 a while longer, I highly recommend you give this case a look.

james pisano

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