Lost Voicemail On EE? Here’s How To Get It Back


If you are in the UK and use EE as your carrier (as I do) you may have had a Text Message this morning that told you that EE had updated your settings and to restart your phone for all to be well. Unfortunately things don’t seem to have gone quite to plan as I, and many others, then lost the ability to call Voicemail.

Pressing 123 doesn’t work (like in the old days) as that now gets you the speaking clock(!) so here’s the answer:

Either dial 07953 222222 from your dialling pad or simply 222 and you will be able to access Voicemail again.

To fix your Voicemail icon so there’s no dialling required, open your Phone app, swipe down from the top, press Settings>Voicemail and you can then change the number that Shortcut dials to either of the above numbers.

I spoke to EE on Twitter earlier and they confirm this is a known issue that they are trying to fix (I notice another 2 text messages have arrived telling me another (or the same) update has been applied) and that this workaround is fine.

Hope that helps avoid a load of frustration and thanks to you know who at BlackBerry for the answer before EE got back to me!


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  • A simple fix but a really useful one! Props to Biggly for posting, and to “you know who at BlackBerry” for supplying the fix before EE replied!

  • jrohland

    Redit told us no uses phones to make calls. You should never get voicemail.