Looks Like Android Caught Something From Apple


And a new ransom-ware hits the streets, this time going after Android.  Unlike the Oleg Pliss issue on iPhone, (which Apple strongly denies is their fault by the way… ok then..) this one goes right after your SD card.

The malware is being called Android Simplocker and will encrypt your files. Suddenly all your images, songs, music, and files end in an .enc file extension and you can no longer access them. It also appears to grab identifying information from your phone and send it back to the creators.

The malware, which appears to need to be installed on your android phone, more than likely through an infected app, then asks for money to unlock your files. As with everything Android, it is much cheaper than what Oleg is charging over on iPhone. They want around $21.00. A straight deal vs iPhone’s $100 ransom! Of course, with the fact being that this malware encrypts files, it may just mean that for once, the android phone is finally secure. Perhaps they should make this a legitimate app in Google Play!

Once again, notice who is not being hacked? I have. And it’s the phone I use by choice.




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