Looking For Devices On Your Network? Try Fing!

The more WiFi gadgets, and internet capable devices we get, the more difficult it is to keep track of them all. The other day I needed to log in to my home phone SIP VOIP gateway so that I could copy the settings for a friend’s setup. Problem was that I could not for the life of me remember the IP address of the device. How was I going to login to the web interface? Enter Fing!

Find it with Fing!

Fing is a network utility that scans your home or office for all the devices that are connected. You can then see the IP address and other identifiers specific to your intended target. In this case my Cisco SPA-112 SIP gateway was the target.

Clicking on the Cisco device I was interested in gave me a new screen with multiple options.

Choosing the “Scan Services” icon showed me that the default Web port is open, and gave me the opportunity to open the device up in my browser!


I was able to discover, identify, and login to my device right from my Dtek60! After that it was easy to just take snapshots of the setup screens in order to share with my friend who needed to set his up the same way.

Of course there are quite a few more uses for Fing, such as traceroute, ping, etc along with giving your numerous devices more familiar names.


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