Location Location Location!


Sounds like you’re buying property doesn’t it?
Nope, we’re talking about app permissions. Permissions that let you fly like an eagle, or that simply track you for no reason.
Let’s dive in to your ability to control these things.


We all have a number of apps. Some more than others, some have Android apps, some not. There are some apps that ask for permissions that you may or may not feel are necessary.

Here is how to modify those permissions.

Go to Settings/Security and Privacy and then choose “Application Permissions”




I chose the “Location” permission for fun, which shows me all the apps I have with that permission granted.
The list is extensive.


If you then click on the app in question, you can toggle on/off the location settings.
I’ve turned off many app permissions.
Of course your location settings are critical for mapping, Foursquare, or any such app, but no harm in checking everything you have.

Why waste bandwidth?

Why send information for no reason?

Take control.


Dave Matthews here. I'm a phone guy by trade supplying VOIP systems for business and industry. BlackBerry devices, playing PRS guitars in my band, golf, and RC flight are my current passions.

  • jrohland

    This is an area I would like to see BlackBerry improve with a fairly simple change. Many apps, primarily Android, won’t allow most permissions to be controlled. I would like BlackBerry to allow us end users to set a permission to on/off/limited.

    If the app does no permit a permission to be turned off, give us an option to use limited. The idea is, the app thinks it has permission but when it queries for data in that category, it gets fake or approximate data. Take location, instead of the precise location, it gets a random location within a 5 kilometer radius.

    If it asks for Contacts, it gets an empty list. Files, only its own files, phone info returns all zeros, etc…

    That protects our privacy while allowing the app to be happy that it is getting the data it wants.

    • bartron

      I agree. The Android apps are the worst for that. They use permissions that they really don’t need, and you can’t deny them those permissions. The Kobo app is the absolute worst. It’s just an e-reader app, yet it asks for just about every permission, and you can’t deny it those permissions.

  • Alan

    Thanks for the reminded. Went ahead and closed a few things.

  • bartron

    Great post Dave. A lot of apps, especially Android apps, ask for permissions they really don’t need. I’ll bet there are a lot of people out there who are now going to check which apps have location privileges. :-)

  • Robert

    It feels good knowing that BlackBerry let’s us make the choice whether we want these types of services enabled or not. Where would Google be if it wasn’t for it’s obligated permissions that allow for your data to be mined?

  • miker476

    I haven’t check my permissions in a few months … this is a good reminder to run through them again!

  • I will echo some comments above and say that the Android apps are a pain. They generally seem to want permissions they don’t need and won’t function without them. BBWorld apps generally seem to only ask for permissions they need but if there’s one you don’t want them to have, e.g. Access to email to allow the app to open an email to contact the developer, the app will still work without the permission.

    I think it’s also very cool that the little location icon pops up on your screen when the phone is transmitting the location. I don’t know how accurate this is, but I can see it turn on temporarily after I do a battery pull and when I’m using maps or other location based apps.