If You Like Your Headphone Jack, You Can Keep Your Headphone Jack

And still have audiophile quality Bluetooth earbuds!

Wireless earbuds bring to mind Applegeeks walking around with what look like white sticks hanging out of their ears. It’s a way of saying to the world “I can’t think for myself so whatever Apple tells me I need, I will go with because of course, it is the best”. I think the same when I see someone with an Apple watch. Poor saps think they have no other choices, as they proudly trot around thinking they are the elites with the best. .

Oh but there is such a very diverse and wide spectrum of options when you step outside the box into the competitive world the rest of us live in!

Take this wireless earbud Indiegogo project for example.


If you use Apple, here is the offering for wireless earbuds, and no you can’t use the wired kind anymore:


Thankfully, we have a competition driven economy that gives us other choices. Here are the stylish “Air” earbuds by Crazybaby:

Disregarding the typical reasons for choosing earbuds, (sound quality, battery life, charging methods, cost, etc) lets start with the basics. Which would you rather have, something that nests stylishly in your ear, or some phallic looking stick with a design that makes no sense?


I thought so. To confirm your selection here’s side by side look:


Ok, good on style. But what good is style if the sound quality is neglected? That appears to be covered as well. While the true test is to actually listen, Crazybaby has put a lot of research and development into sound quality, research partnerships, unique proprietary components, noise isolation and options for a custom fit in the ear. (Not all ears are alike, as presumed by Apple.)



I’ve only touched the surface of the research that has gone into the design of these buds. For more information or to purchase, go to the Indiegogo page here.


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