Libretro looking for some help to continue developing Retroarch game emulator



As many of you may or may not know, there is an AWESOME emulator for BB10 that came out last year, unfortunately the developer that was maintaining it for BB10 has gotten too busy to continue.  A call was made out last week for developers to help with the open source emulator which got the attention of Libretro which is actually the creator of the Retroarch Emulator libraries.  It looks like They are willing to continue updating the emulator if they can get a hold of a BB10 device for testing.  I would personally give them one of my devices, but unfortunately because I have a macbook I actually need a physical device to test my apps on (the BB10 simulator doesn’t work on Mac unless you have a windows partition installed).


If you have any contacts at Blackberry or any developers/ Blackberry enthusiasts who can spare BB10 dev device please get in touch with @Libretro on twitter!!


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