LG the Target of New Class Action Lawsuit

The LG G4 and V10 bootloop is to blame.

Four plaintiffs have filed a class action complaint against LG Electronics over defective smartphones. The effected smartphones were the G4 and the V10, which both suffered the “bootloop defect”.

The suit states that LG acknowledged the defect admitting that a “loose contact between components” was at fault, however LG did not recall the product or offer an acceptable remedy to victims of the defect. The complaint goes on to state that consumers that were within the one year warranty period, were given replacement devices, which suffered the same defect. Those that were outside of the one year warranty received no remedy. Furthermore, the company¬†continued to sell the smartphones.

The four plaintiffs in the case each suffered the same defect, through phones purchased from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Each had sent their phones back for replacement or repair only to have their next try with the phone fail in the same method. The users lost data, had phones that they were not able to use as intended, and were still making payments on the devices.

You can read the full complaint here.


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